Saturday, September 16, 2017

10:00 A.M.

467 County road 604

The Moffat Center, Linn, MO


Friday, September 15, 2017

1:00 P.M.- 4:00 P.M.

Directions:  From Linn, take Hwy. 50 west 1 ½ mi. to Co. Rd. 604, turn left & go 1 mile to building on right, or from Jeff City, take Hwy. 50 east approx. 18 mi. & turn right on Co. Rd. 604.

click the following link for a list you can print out of all the clocks that will be sold:

clock list  


Note: We are selling approximately 200 clocks, parts, pieces & movements.

German mantle w/ Westminster chimes Seth Thomas OG
Ansonia Calendar Parlor, Walnut, “Time is Money” Sessions Banjo
Sessions Black Mantle Long Drop school house Regulator
German mantle w/ Westminster chimes Ingraham S. Drop regulator
Free swinger statue New Haven Mission wall regulator
Seth Thomas Parlor time & Strike Seth Thomas mantle pillars
11 Jewel Adj. Herschel French Mantle marble w/outside escapement
Seth Thomas 8 day weight OG Albert mantle w/ outside escapement
4 French picture frames Ingraham Calendar regulator
 Session inlaid mantle Waterbury long drop T&S regulator
 Porcelain china clock Banjo
Ansonia China Royal Bohn Case 3 pc French clock set marble
Waterbury mantle porcelain dial Amandine finish 3 pc French set Brass candle
German regulators Gillespie French brass
German regulators French Statue Rancoulet
French shelf w/outside escapement French Statue
New Haven C/I mantle Aaron Willard shelf
Cincinnati Time Recorder Co. French statue w/horse
Seth Thomas statue “He loves me, He loves me not” T/S Ornate English 4 tube grandfather w/bevel glass & inlaid mahogany case – nice
Seth Thomas #2 regulator weight 2 weight Vienna regulators
Waterbury short drop regulator Carl Suchy & Sohne 3 weight Vienna Regulator
Vienna regulator 2 weight Iron French statue w/outside escapement
Vienna regulator 3 weight Gallery clock
       Sessions Banjo French china
New Haven Banjo Iron Ansonia
Seth Thomas Short Drop regulator Iron Waterbury
New Haven statue w/porcelain dial 2 Iron French mantles
French Mantle w/outside escapement Seth Thomas statue
Waterbury #96 china clock Self wind regulator
Gilbert Portico marble mantle w/outside escapement Vienna regulator 1 weight
The Imperial Electronics Granite City, IL – oak case New Haven Single weight regulator walnut
Standard Electric Time Co. Springfield MA 3 weight Vienna regulator
Seth Thomas mantle Amandine finish 2 weight Vienna regulator
Gilbert Mantle 30 day regulator
Gilbert Mantle English grandfather clock
Seth Thomas OG weight Triple-decker OG
Welch OG weight Elgin 14K pocket watch
Waterbury OG Antimagnetic 18g pin-set sterling pocket watch
Seth Thomas triple-decker 8 day OG French sterling pocket watch
B&M triple-decker 8 day OG Wrist watches
W C Brewster triple-decker OG Lg amt clock books
Lg amt clock parts, movements, dials, cases, etc


Note:  Due to the death of Bev’s husband Mark, she has decided to sell their clock collection.  Mark and his father, Gilbert collected and repaired clocks for many years.  Owner: Bev & the late Mark Salzwedel


If you like clocks mark this date on your calendar as there are several nice clocks to be sold.  Thanks Rick.

  Terms:  Cash or good check with proper identification.  All sales are final.   Everything sells as is, where is.  Proper identification is necessary to obtain a buyer’s number.  Announcements day of sale supersede all printed material.  Lunch on grounds.

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  • DSCN3517
  • DSCN3518
  • DSCN3519
  • DSCN3520
  • DSCN3521
  • DSCN3522
  • DSCN3523
  • DSCN3524
  • DSCN3525
  • DSCN3526
  • DSCN3527
  • DSCN3528
  • DSCN3529
  • DSCN3533
  • DSCN3534
  • DSCN3535
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  • DSCN3537
  • DSCN3538
  • DSCN3539
  • DSCN3540
  • DSCN3541
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  • DSCN3543
  • DSCN3544
  • DSCN3545
  • DSCN3546
  • DSCN3547
  • DSCN3548
  • DSCN3549
  • DSCN3550
  • DSCN3551
  • DSCN3552
  • DSCN3553
  • DSCN3554
  • DSCN3555
  • DSCN3556
  • DSCN3557
  • DSCN3558
  • DSCN3559
  • DSCN3560
  • DSCN3561
  • DSCN3562
  • DSCN3563
  • DSCN3564
  • DSCN3565
  • DSCN3566
  • DSCN3567
  • DSCN3568
  • DSCN3569


708 E. McCarty St., Jefferson City, MO 65101 – Business Office


Richard Moffat
Jefferson City, MO
The Moffat Center
Linn, MO
Matt Michelson
Jefferson City, MO

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