Saturday, September 16, 2017

10:00 A.M.

The Moffat Center, Linn, MO

Directions:  From Linn, take Hwy. 50 west 1 ½ mi. to Co. Rd. 604, turn left & go 1 mile to building on right, or from Jeff City, take Hwy. 50 east approx. 18 mi. & turn right on Co. Rd. 604.



German mantle w/ Westminster chimes

Seth Thomas OG

Ansonia Calendar Parlor, Walnut, “Time is Money

Sessions Black Mantle

German mantle w/ Westminster chimes

Free swinger statue<

Seth Thomas Parlor time & Strike

Jewel Adj. Herschel

Seth Thomas 8 day weight OG

French picture frame

French picture frame

French picture frame

French picture frame

Session inlayed mantle<

Porcelain china clock

Ansonia China Royal Bohn Case

Waterbury mantle porcelain dial Amandine finish

German regulator

German regulator

French shelf w/outside escapement

New Haven C/I mantle

Cincinnati time recorder co.

Seth Thomas statue “He loves me, He loves me not.”

Seth Thomas #2 regulator weight

Waterbury short drop reg

Vienna regulator 2 weight

Vienna regulator 3 weight

Sessions Banjo

New Haven Banjo

Seth Thomas Short Drop reg

New Haven statue w/porcelain dial

French Mantle w/outside escapement

Waterbury #96 china clock

Gilbert Portical marble mantle w/outside escapement

The Imperial Electronics Granite City IL oak case

Standard Electric Time co. Springfield MA

Seth Thomas mantle Amandine finish

Gilbert Mantle

Gilbert Mantle

Seth Thomas OG weight

Welch OG weight

Waterbury OG weight

Seth Thomas triple-decker 8 day OG


B&M triple-decker 8 day OG

W C Brewster triple-decker OG

Sessions Banjo

Long Drop school house Regulator

Ingerham S. Drop regulator

New Haven Mission wall regulator

Seth Thomas mantle pillars

French Mantle marble w/outside escapement

Ingerham Calendar regulator

Waterbury long drop T&S regulator


3 pc French clock set marble

3 pc French set Brass candle

Gillespie French brass

French Statue

Aaron Willard shelf

French statue w/horse

Ornate English 4 tube Arnud Fain w/bevel glass & inlayed mahogany case nice

2 weight Vienna regulator

Carl Suchy & son 3 weight Vienna Regulator

Iron French statue w/outside escapement

Gallery clock

French china

Iron Ansonia

Iron Waterbury

Iron French mantle

Iron French mantle

Seth Thomas statue

Self wind regulator

Vienna regulator 1 weight

New Haven Single weight regulator wall

3 weight Vienna regulator

2 weight Vienna regulator

30 day regulator

English grandfather clock

Triple-decker OG

Elgin 14K pocket watch

Antimagnetic 18g pin-set sterling pocket watch

French sterling pocket watch

Wrist watches

Lg amt clock parts, movements, dials, cases, etc

Lg amt clock books


Owner: Bev & the late Mark Salzwedel

Note:  Due to the death of Bev’s husband Mark, she has decided to sell their clock collection.  Mark and his father, Gilbert collected and repaired clocks for many years.  

If you like clocks mark this date on your calendar as there are several nice clocks to be sold.  Thanks Rick.


Terms:  Cash or good check with proper identification.  All sales are final.   Everything sells as is, where is.  Proper identification is necessary to obtain a buyer’s number.  Announcements day of sale supersede all printed material.  Lunch on grounds.

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  • DSCN3510
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  • DSCN3512
  • DSCN3513
  • DSCN3514
  • DSCN3515
  • DSCN3516
  • DSCN3517
  • DSCN3518
  • DSCN3519
  • DSCN3520
  • DSCN3521
  • DSCN3522
  • DSCN3523
  • DSCN3524
  • DSCN3525
  • DSCN3526
  • DSCN3527
  • DSCN3528
  • DSCN3529
  • DSCN3533
  • DSCN3534
  • DSCN3535
  • DSCN3536
  • DSCN3537
  • DSCN3538
  • DSCN3539
  • DSCN3540
  • DSCN3541
  • DSCN3542
  • DSCN3543
  • DSCN3544
  • DSCN3545
  • DSCN3546
  • DSCN3547
  • DSCN3548
  • DSCN3549
  • DSCN3550
  • DSCN3551
  • DSCN3552
  • DSCN3553
  • DSCN3554
  • DSCN3555
  • DSCN3556
  • DSCN3557
  • DSCN3558
  • DSCN3559
  • DSCN3560
  • DSCN3561
  • DSCN3562
  • DSCN3563
  • DSCN3564
  • DSCN3565
  • DSCN3566
  • DSCN3567
  • DSCN3568
  • DSCN3569


708 E. McCarty St., Jefferson City, MO 65101 – Business Office


Richard Moffat
Jefferson City, MO
The Moffat Center
Linn, MO
Matt Michelson
Jefferson City, MO

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